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  • Seconds interval - Number of seconds between actions.
  • Stealth mode - Mouse pointer movement is not visible on screen.
  • Static mouse pointer position - Moves the mouse pointer to a predefined location on screen before performing actions (once only). Useful if you enable the Click left mouse button option to ensure it won't cause any unforeseen mischief. Use the Track button for assistance.
  • Click left mouse button - Erm...
  • Send keystroke - Choose from a list of keystrokes. Make sure you don't select one that could cause unexpected behaviour with any applications you have open.
  • Activate application - Activates any open application and brings it to the foreground. The list shows all application windows that are currently open, and uses the window title to differentiate between applications. Some applications (Chrome, Outlook, etc.) like to change their window title depending on their use, so you may find that this feature is more successful for application windows whose titles remain static.


  • Pause when mouse pointer moved - If mouse activity is detected, automatically pause.
  • Automatically resume after xx seconds of inactivity - If there is no keyboard or mouse activity for the specified seconds, Move Mouse will automatically start.
  • Automatically start Move Mouse on launch - Start Move Mouse's activities as soon as Move Mouse is launched.
  • Automatically launch Move Mouse at Windows logon - Open Move Mouse every time you login to Windows (or restart).
  • Minimise on pause - Automatically minimise Move Mouse when paused.
  • Minimise on start - Automatically minimise Move Mouse when started.
  • Minimise to System Tray - Hide Move Mouse when minimised (can be opened again from the System Tray icon).

Scripts (Custom Scripts)

  • In progress - ...

See Script Examples for inspiration


  • In progress - ...


  • In progress - ...

Command Line Arguments

From version 3.1.0 Move Mouse will now support command line arguments. There are only two at the moment, but please send me any suggestions you may have.
  • WorkingDirectory - Allows you to specify a different working directory for storing the configuration XML and scripts. This can be useful if you want to roam settings on a USB drive, or maybe a home directory in a corporate environment.
"...\Move Mouse.exe" /WorkingDirectory:"H:\My Documents\Roaming"
  • EnableToolWindowStyle - Changes the border style of Move Mouse to a Tool Window, which hides it from the Alt+Tab screen, although does not allow it to minimise to System Tray.
"...\Move Mouse.exe" /EnableToolWindowStyle

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jmtpcx May 25 at 11:58 AM 
can you make this app to auto pause when mouse is ejected from computer/ not detected and auto resumes when mouse is plug back in.
i tried ejecting my mouse and still this application runs.

eastbay May 30, 2016 at 1:27 PM 
I want an argument that starts the Move Mose automatically without pressing start

JenJones Jul 7, 2015 at 12:37 PM 
This is awesome, and thank you!
Question... How would I utilize the Command Line Argument: WorkingDirectory
Thanks! -